Headhunters who put their necks on the line.

Our clients have seen the old model—partners selling the work, then running off to sell more work, leaving junior associates to the heavy lifting, resulting in lackluster candidates. McAleer Gray is the “new old model”—our firm’s success is based on what the big firms used to do before they got so big—our senior partners do the work to access, compel and assess top candidates for our clients. So you get what—and whom you’re looking for.

We put our necks on the line, times three:
McAleer Gray Senior Search – McAleer Gray is a national boutique search firm with offices in Denver and New York, focusing on confidential high-level engagements, including Board of Directors, C-level executives, and their direct reports.

MG-HR Search and Leadership Solutions – MG-HR is designed for the Board and C-Suite to focus on CHRO leadership searches, organizational effectiveness, and compensation committee consultation.

MG2 Mid Level Recruiting Services – MG2 specializes in purpose-built and client-customized recruiting projects focusing on mid-level roles to specific assignments for recruiting managers and directors.

What’s New

  • McAleer Gray announces the placement of new CEO for the Space Foundation

    McAleer Gray’s Miami operation proud to place CEO of YWCA of Miami/Dade

    TwentyEighty announces the placement of new CTO by McAleer Gray

    Colorado Visiting Nurse Association announces McAleer Gray as partner in new CEO search

    McAleer Gray and Professional Pediatric Home Care announce the placement of Mark Bruning as President/CEO