Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to place a senior-level candidate?
A: Typically 45-60 days through offer and acceptance. The successful candidate is often presented to the client within the first three weeks, and the balance of the time is spent comparing the lead candidate to the slate of other qualified candidates for cultural fit. This comparison is key to our process. You can’t objectively compare just one candidate, particularly if that candidate came from a source that lacked a rigorous national vetting process.

Q: In which areas/industries do you specialize?
BG: I spent almost 20 years in the wireless communications industry, so I have a natural affinity for that space, and the surrounding telecom/Internet world in general. In my years in the executive search business, I have worked with many companies in the technology arena and have the most experience in operations (COO/President/CEO), sales, marketing and technology functions.

TM: My former life as a CPA and treasury executive prepared me to focus on CFOs and their direct reports. This naturally evolved to board roles and other C-officers within various industries ranging from the manufacturing and industrial world to the service industry as well as software and technology.

Q: Do you do searches in Denver/Colorado only?
A: While many of our clients are in Denver, about half of our business comes from clients across the US.

Q: If I provide my resume and personal information to MG, is that information sent to your clients or job boards?
A: Since we are a retained firm, we only share candidate information on a pre-approved basis with one client firm at a time. We never post candidate information, and we never send out resumes to clients without speaking with you first to get your approval.

Q: How do you find your candidates?
A: Certainly not on the job boards. Our contacts run successful companies across the country, and they’ve introduced us to outstanding candidates, who then become great contacts. And the cycle continues.