The differences, by the numbers.

Here are the things that make McAleer Gray different from other executive search firms:

Number 1: Leaving one of the world’s largest firms actually increased our access to top talent.
We’re no longer forced to hand the recruiting job over to junior associates – we do it ourselves. Plus, our experience with that huge, international firm allowed us to plug in to an incredible network of C-level professionals. Put the two together, that’s why we can find the top people and more of them. We know how to tell your story in a way that’s personal and credible, because we’re speaking top executive to top executive. Suddenly, that A+ candidate who couldn’t be happier where he or she is, is interested in having another conversation.

Number 2: Senior Partners Do The Work.
We have no junior people to whom to hand off or delegate. Our partners are former practice leads at a major firm and know how to maintain the best processes and quality, but we improved and enhanced the delivery model. MG usually completes a search in 45-60 days due to the efficiency of our process. The partners also have significant experience and accomplishments in corporations—they have actually performed meaningful work themselves, which makes their work as consultants that much stronger.

Number 3: We take on a limited number of searches.
When you work with McAleer Gray, you get the personal, very focused attention of Brad Gray and Terry McAleer. That’s one of the things that makes us different. So what happens if we let ourselves take on too many searches? We either give our clients short shrift or we’re tempted to do what our competitors have done — get big and delegate everything beyond closing a sale to a junior person. To those two possibilities, we say “No” and “No.”

Number 4: Milestone Fee Structure.
Who doesn’t like better value? McAleer Gray charges 30% (not 33.33%), and billing is based on agreed-to milestones, not the calendar (when the search is launched, when candidate slates are approved, when interviews begin and when the final candidate accepts), we do no charge any automatic administration fees and never add a surcharge for travel, lodging or other fees.

Number 5: Best in Class Research Capability.
Each and every assignment includes a dedicated research team, which harvests original targets to be sourced.

Number 6: We’re local; even when we’re national.
We’re based in Denver with an office in New York, and have many great clients across the country.

Number 7: The Perfect Size.
We possess critical mass and expertise that allow us to be successful across all major industries, yet we are lean because senior partners do the work. Our client list is limited and select and our work is highly confidential.

Number 8: More services, delivered more personally.
We’ve expanded beyond the C-Suite. MG2 specializes in purpose-built and client-customized recruiting projects ranging from mid-level roles to specific assignments for recruiting managers and directors. MGHR brings a complementary Human Resources solution designed for The Board and C-Suite. These expanded services are based on our clients’ demand for more of what we do best—finding top talent through a process that’s individual, respectful and ultimately, successful.