SUCCESS IS HARD  In today’s competitive market, firms must have several key elements in place to succeed. While having good products and services are important, the most fundamental requirement is having great leadership and top talent heading all efforts in your organization.


TOP TALENT ISN’T EASY TO COME BY  How do you access and compel the “best of the best” to join your team? As a former CEO and head of operations, I’ve personally faced that challenge – and I used all forms of recruitment available, including top firms like Korn/Ferry (where I would eventually become a partner). Through all those experiences and the ones I’ve learned in the last 13+ years in the recruiting business, a few key elements stand out:

  • Top Talent is NOT looking for new opportunities
  • The most sought-after people don’t post their resumes on job boards or deploy their information on social media to shop positions or themselves – they simply don’t show up on your “talent radar”
  • Top Talent doesn’t speak with “contingency” recruiters – they value their jobs, and they will not risk the possibility of their employer learning that they aren’t “loyal”
  • It can be unseemly if an organization’s internal team recruits directly from their competitors, industry partners or vendors, thus earning the reputation as “poachers”

We employ a unique approach that we’ve honed over many years in the business – and a pedigree from the world’s largest executive search firm. Essentially, we partner with our clients as follows:

  • Only senior partners lead engagements and the execution of projects for our clients at McAleer Gray.  Our team includes professionals with former roles as CEO, CHRO, CFO as an example – we’re not “lifers” in the search business, but veteran operational leaders from corporate America AND entrepreneurial ventures. Our team understands your challenges, and how to find, screen, and assess top talent. Most search firms hand-off to junior associates the critical heavy-lifting of attracting top candidates; they settle for the easy candidates
  • We provide an unparalleled consultation at the outset of every project to ensure that the attributes and cultural fit required by our clients are demonstrated by all candidates – and that we understand where the best people might be employed
  • We perform exhaustive research at the outset of every engagement – we do not recycle the same tired resumes of people looking for work. We perform targeted “head-hunting” to identify, access, and compel the best of the best to engage with us on behalf of our client
  • Our senior people personally reach out to candidates, sources of candidates, and senior leaders on all projects – providing uniquely successful access and ability to compel the hard-to-reach candidates

In most cases, we provide a slate of on-target candidates within 2-3 weeks. A recent client stated the following when his firm was presented with their initial slate of candidates: “I hoped we’d see at least one qualified person, and you’ve brought us NINE!” As our clients will attest, our customers simply enjoy a better level of delivery and overall experience working with us. THE ULTIMATE IRONY – OUR VALUE PROPOSITION IS THE BEST AVAILABLE. In most cases, our fees are either lower or about the same as other firms in the space – firms that don’t deliver the level of value we provide. Even better, we are able to create a winning partnership that requires us to perform to our clients’ satisfaction.

THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN – Let’s get together to discuss your strategy to succeed in attracting Top Talent…our place, or yours?